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Dedicated Web & Mobile Applications

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Business Analytics Software

Analysing big datasets and providing you with answers you are looking for.

1. Collect & Aggregate Gathering your data from multiple sources

2. Process Applying algorithms and math formulas
(data mining)

3. Provide Reports & Analytics Delivering real-time interactive dashboards & visualisations

Choose us if you

  • Have a business challenge and need a software to solve it

  • Need a highly skilled and specialised development team

  • Are keen to build a long term partnership and close relationship with your supplier

  • Are looking for an efficient team that has a business and time-to-market orientation

Five reasons to partner with us

Trust of our clients

TEONITE rose to the challenge - I’m happy with our new product launch and looking forward to our long-term cooperation. Marek Rafałowicz Project Owner / Polityka Magazine

Shortlist Social Media Portal is all about entertainment and apps that rocks your world! Thanks to amazing people at TEONITE our backend is in terrific shape and geared for growth from day #0. Anton Gauffin CEO / huuuge games

TEONITE rose to the challenge - I’m happy with our new product launch and looking forward to our long-term cooperation. Dagmara Gortych Project Owner / Stocznia Foundation

Great design and user experience

Doesn’t matter if we design a system for one or thousand users.

We always pay attention to details and make sure we build it with UX best practices in mind.

It has to work fast!

Blazing fast applications - our technology stack will make your applications work really fast and responsive!

Fast delivery - it took us 5 years of research and experiments to design a unique and agile development process that deliver efficiently and quickly.

  1. 1. Fast single-page applications

    Technologies used: ECMAScript 6, AngularJS, CoffeScript

Working with great people

We enjoy working on new, exciting projects as much as we enjoy our free time.

Collecting inspiration and positive energy is essential part of it!

Contributing to the community

TEONITE is a team of ambitious tech enthusiast who constantly grow their skills and knowledge.

We organise conferences, take active part in local tech meetups and attend international conferences.


Organising 5 editions of a tech conference with speakers from the following companies:

Django REST Framework Kickstarter campaign

We support and donate to OpenSource projects


We share our knowladge and experience with the community on our blog: http://build.sh


Launching the largest collection of public data available through the API in Poland with more than 138 million records!

They have chosen TEONITE

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